Understanding Cooking Principles


4 Delicious Regional Pizza Styles

Pizza styles differ depending on where you are. If you walk into a pizza restaurant in New Haven, you will get a much different slice of pizza than you would in New York City. That said, here are 4 famous regional styles to familiar yourself with. New Haven Style In New Haven, pizza is made […]

A Project For Gardeners Who Love K-Cups

Keurig K-Cups have revolutionized the consumer coffee industry, but until recently, the K-Cups weren’t recyclable. Fortunately, Keurig has recently announced that it’s developed new coffee pods that you can recycle. The Keurig pods that have been on the market for the past decade were made from plastic #7; the new ones will be made from […]

Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Wedding Caterer

The wedding catering at your reception can be the subject of discussions among your family and friends for years to come. Unfortunately, with the wrong decisions, the catering can be a discussion for the wrong reasons. To help you avoid infamy, here are some common mistakes made and what you can do to avoid them.  […]

3 Chocolate Desserts Coffee Lovers Will Love

If you’re a coffee lover, then you should try a dessert that incorporates coffee into the recipe. A particularly lovely pairing is chocolate and coffee. They are both dark, complex flavors that work well in tandem. Below is a quick overview of 3 of the best chocolate and coffee desserts around. Coffee And Kahula Brownies […]

Two Ice Maker Maintenance Tips

An ice maker can be a very convenient device to own, but it can be easy for you to overlook the maintenance that these devices require. Failing to properly care for your ice maker can result in it developing a number of performance compromising problems that can potentially lead to needing expensive repairs. To help […]

How To Make Mtuzi Wa Samaki: A Flavorful Tanzanian Dish

Tanzania lies along the east coast of the African continent. Thanks to its coastal location, fish-based dishes have become popular in the cuisine. Favored with coconut milk and Madras curry, Mtuzi wa Samaki — or fish and coconut curry — is a quintessential Tanzanian dish. Here’s how to make some delicious Mtuzi wa Samaki in […]

Consider Food Truck Catering For Your Wedding Reception

Street food is trendy right now, so why not invite your favorite late-night treat trucks to cater your wedding? Food truck catering is especially suited to small, casual wedding receptions, especially those held outdoors. The Fun Factor What could be more fun than having your wedding guests sitting at picnic tables in the park eating […]