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3 Fun Recipes That You Can Create Using Dry Ice

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Dry ice is such a fun and unique type of ice and is perfect for incorporating into different recipes. However, keep in mind that dry ice cannot be handled with your hands because it will burn you. If you remember this, you will be perfectly safe using it. This article will discuss 3 fun recipes that you can create using dry ice. 

Halloween Drinks

If you are throwing a Halloween party of some sort, then you likely want the food and drinks that you serve to be Halloween themed as well. One great idea that incorporates dry ice are some scary Halloween drinks. To make these drinks, you will start by simply mixing the drink and putting whatever you would like in it. You will then pour it into their individual cups, or into a large punch bowl. If you use individual cups, you will then take small pieces of dry ice, and using some tongs or a spoon, will carefully place the dry ice inside. If you have a punch bowl, you will instead want to place a large piece of dry ice inside, and your guests can serve up their drinks from this main bowl. This dry ice will create a scary fog that comes out of the liquid and is perfect for your Halloween theme. 

Carbonated Fruit

If you want to surprise your friends and family with fruit that has fizz inside of it, then you can create this using dry ice. You will simply want to place the fruit and a large piece of dry ice in a cooler together, and then seal up the cooler using plastic wrap. After keeping these inside of the cooler overnight, you can take the fruit out and it will have carbonation inside of it that fills your mouth with fizz when you bite into it. 

Ice Cream

Dry ice is awesome if you want to make ice cream at home in a fun and quick fashion. To make the ice cream you will simply need to make all of your regular ice cream ingredients together in a bowl, and then add dried ice that has been ground into very small pieces using a blender or some other type of mixer. Pour the pieces in little by little into the ice cream mixture and stir until it has reached a solid ice cream state. The temperature of the dry ice allows it to freeze the ice cream quickly, so you don't have to stick it in the freezer and wait for it to freeze like you do when you make regular homemade ice cream. However, if you like your ice cream more solid and less creamy, you can still stick it in the freezer to harden it up some more.

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