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Do You Pre-Cook Your Food? Find Out Why A Cook And Hold Cabinet May Be Perfect For Your Restaurant

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If your restaurant has an extensive menu, a limited number or chefs, or a combination of both, you may find yourself pre-cooking a lot of the food. This allows your chefs to cook the food that can't be pre-cooked and simply heat up the already made food. However, there is another alternative to simply re-heating already cooked meals. You can purchase a cook and hold oven, also called a cook and hold cabinet, from a restaurant equipment supplies company and use that instead. Learning the benefits of this will help you determine if it is ideal for your business. Here are some of the benefits of using a cook and hold cabinet.

A Cook and Hold Cabinet Allows You to Keep Food Heated Until it is Ready to Be Served

One of the biggest benefits to a cook and hold cabinet is that you can store many dishes at a safe temperature until the dishes are ready to be served. The number of items you can store depends on the size of cabinet you get, but typically there are several shelves and racks that allow you to store a variety of dishes. This ensures you don't have to cool items, place them in the fridge and reheat them when you want to serve them. You simply grab them out of the cabinet and dish the food out.

You Can Slow Cook Meats in Them

Another benefit to a cook and hold cabinet is that you can slow cook meats in them. If you are limited on oven space in your kitchen, it can be hard to slow cook large turkeys or cuts of beef. These items can take hours to slow cook, which may leave you without an oven the rest of the day. However, a cook and hold cabinet slow cooks meats, making it a great option for those without the oven capacity to frequently cook these meats. And once you are done cooking the meat, the cook and hold oven automatically switches over to a hold temperature, ensuring your meat doesn't dry out.

They Are Portable

The last benefit to a cook and hold cabinet is that it is portable. If you are trying to get the catering side of your restaurant business up and going, you want to ensure the food you take to catering jobs tastes just as good as the food served at your restaurant. A cook and hold cabinet is portable, allowing you to cook the food and bring it with you, ensuring it stays properly heated until it is ready to serve at your catering job.

There are many different types of restaurant equipment that you can purchase. However, not every item will be beneficial to every business. If you find yourself pre-cooking food, one piece of equipment that you may want to learn about is the cook and hold cabinet. Learning about this piece of equipment, and its benefits, will help you decide if it will benefit your business.