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3 Chocolate Desserts Coffee Lovers Will Love

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If you're a coffee lover, then you should try a dessert that incorporates coffee into the recipe. A particularly lovely pairing is chocolate and coffee. They are both dark, complex flavors that work well in tandem. Below is a quick overview of 3 of the best chocolate and coffee desserts around.

Coffee And Kahula Brownies

Brownies are dense and rich. A great way to deepen the flavor is to incorporate a dark roast coffee, such as Italian roast, as well as a coffee flavored liqueur into the batter. Brownies are made of a few simple ingredients: sugar, eggs, chocolate, flour and baking powder. By adding some dark roast brewed coffee to the melted chocolate, and a touch of Kahlula, the flavor will become more intense. These are perfect served with a cup of espresso.

Espresso Beans Covered In Dark Chocolate

If you want to experience the simplest marriage of chocolate and coffee, then you should try a chocolate covered espresso bean. These are crunchy and have an intense flavor. They are made by selecting high quality espresso beans. The beans should be organic, if you can find them. You'll be eating the bean whole, so you want a bean that is void of any chemicals or pesticides. Also, choose a dark chocolate for the coating. Milk chocolate is too soft a flavor to mesh with the espresso bean. The dark chocolate is melted and then the bean is enrobed in the chocolate. They are then left to harden.

White Cake With Mocha Butercream Frosting

This dessert is both visually dramatic as well as delicious. A white cake is better than a regular yellow because of the contrast between the dark mocha and the white cake. White cakes are made without egg yolks. They have a lighter flavor, which is all the better when you want to focus on the mocha frosting. Ideally you will want to choose a mocha buttecream frosting. The frosting is made by whipping up egg whites and sugar in a double boiler. This is done until they form "soft peaks", which signify that they have reached the meringue stage. At this point soft, unsalted butter is then cut into the meringue. It is at this stage that melted chocolate and espresso powder are added to the buttercream. This is left to cool down and then it is put into a piping bag and the cake can be decorated.

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