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4 Tips To Enhance The Flavor Of Wine

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Wine is a complex beverage with a long and illustrious history. You don't have to be a sommelier to enjoy wine. Here are four tips that can enhance your experience the next time you open a bottle of wine, whether it is a bordeaux blend or any other favorite:

1. Serve wine at the proper temperature.

The temperature of wine can affect its taste. Red wine should be served slightly cooler than room temperature for the best experience. Never serve ice cold red wine, since you won't be able to taste many of the deeper notes. If you have to store your wine in the refrigerator, leave it on the counter for an hour before serving, to allow it time to warm slightly.

2. Let it breathe.

After you pour a glass of wine, it's important to let it breathe before drinking it. Letting wine sit in the open air for up to half an hour introduces oxygen into it. This process will make your wine taste smoother and less harsh, according to Yuppie Chef. If you don't want to wait half an hour before drinking your wine, you can use a wine aerator to speed up the process. An aerator is a device that looks like a funnel, which purposefully introduces air into your wine as you pour it.

3. Enjoy the aroma.

Your nose plays a big part in the process of tasting food and drink. If you've ever eaten a meal with a stuffy nose, you know that things just don't taste the same when you can't smell them. This is especially true of wine. To get the most enjoyment from your next glass of wine, take your time and inhale the aroma of if before having a sip. Don't be afraid to stick your nose in the glass to get the full effect. Swirling the wine before sniffing will help to release some of the fragrance into the air.

4. Pay attention to pairings.

Certain foods enhance the flavor of different varieties of wine. Pay attention to these suggested food pairings when constructing menus. Hearty, meaty dishes pair well with the deep flavors of Bordeaux blends, so opt for foods like beef stew, lamb, and pot pie. Lighter fare lets white wines shine. You can pair chardonnay with fish or garden salads.

Anyone can learn to enjoy wine like a professional. These four tips will help you make the most out of your next bottle of wine, so you can enjoy the full flavor it has to offer.