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Probiotics And Sugar: Fixing The Gut Imbalance With Replacement Foods

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In the past few years, probiotics have become a major topic of discussion. Many people who suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) have followed doctors' orders and changed their diets so that there are more probiotics, or "good bacteria," heading into the gastrointestinal tract. The good bacteria helps these patients and others with GI issues find comfort and alleviate their symptoms with these probiotic diets. The results are so good that many people without GI diseases or issues are now trying the probiotic diet, which involves swapping out foods with sugar for probiotic versions of these foods. Here is how that works.

First, Choose More Foods with Good Bacteria in Them

You probably already know that yogurt has a lot of good bacteria in it, but you need to read the labels on your yogurt to make sure you are getting at least some probiotic benefits. Active or live yogurt cultures are what you are looking for. Other foods with high amounts of good bacteria for your gut are kefir (goats' milk), miso soup, dark chocolate (you do not have to give up chocolate completely!), pickles, tempeh and kimchi. While not all probiotic-rich foods may suit your tastebuds, you will find some that are tasty enough that you can eat more than one serving each day.

Second, Give up Processed Foods

Put down the packaged cupcakes and the white bread, as well as the lunchmeat. If the package lists more than one type of sweetener and/or preservative in the ingredients, do not buy that either. As for juices and things that are typically naturally sweet, make sure they are pure fruit juice with no added sweeteners, and if you can find and buy probiotic-clarified juices, buy those first. If you eat meat, make sure it is as fresh as you can get it and that it is not frozen or preserved with salt, broth, etc.

Finally, Look for Probiotic Supplements That Double as Other Foods

There are some probiotic-rich drinks on the market that are cleverly disguised as lemonade and other juices, as well as health food drinks and shakes. If you buy the probiotic drink powders to mix with water or milk, make sure the water is real spring water only and that you use kefir and not dairy milk so you can reap the benefits of the drinks you mix and make yourself. If you cannot shake the sugar cravings, there is a probiotics sugar for sale that you can use to sweeten just about anything. Ready-made dishes in the freezer section of your natural foods store, as well as seasonings, may be probiotic-enriched and available for purchase along with probiotics sugar for sale.