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Consider Food Truck Catering For Your Wedding Reception

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Street food is trendy right now, so why not invite your favorite late-night treat trucks to cater your wedding? Food truck catering is especially suited to small, casual wedding receptions, especially those held outdoors.

The Fun Factor

What could be more fun than having your wedding guests sitting at picnic tables in the park eating from their favorite street vendors? From hot dogs to pizza to ice cream, you can be sure to please everyone, especially children. There is no china to break or pay to have washed and packed away. Everything is disposable. Just make sure you have plenty of trash receptacles and someone to clean up afterwards.


Food trucks are great for appetizers and hors d'oeuvres. Since many restaurants are offering food trailer catering now, you can have your favorite small bites come right to you. From shrimp cocktails to mini tacos to sliders, the choices are many and the cost is budget-friendly. To save more money, limit the selection to only foods you know your guests will enjoy.

The Main Course

It's best to have a few different selections for different tastes. Pizza is always popular, but be sure there are meat lovers and veggie choices. A restaurant truck may have more possible choices on their menu than trucks that only offer one specialty item.

The Dessert

A fun and popular option for dessert is a good old-fashioned ice cream truck, but there are also trucks for frozen yogurt, smoothies, pie or cupcakes. Some bakeries also have their own catering trucks that serve just about anything that's on their menu from eclairs to cheesecake.

Don't Forget the Beverages

If you're serving alcohol, there are a wide selection of bar trucks and trailers that can also serve cold drinks and juices to your non-indulging guests. For an uber-casual affair, a beer truck may be just the ticket. To save money, ask if you can buy the alcohol yourself and pay a serving or corking fee, and limit the selections instead of having a full bar.

Food truck catering is growing in popularity as a wedding reception option. The variety of foods available and the casual, fun factor makes this a great budget-friendly solution for more casual affairs. Talk to a caterer like Grand Street Cafe about what is available in your area. They can save your time and money by lining up just the right food and drinks to keep your guests happy.