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3 Pieces Of Restaurant-Quality Equipment Every Home Bakery Needs

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To save on operating costs and get your bakery business off to a good start, you may choose to initially make and sell your products from home. While all of those tasty goods you have been whipping up at home for years are easy enough to make in a basic kitchen, with increased productivity, things will change. As more orders start coming in for pastries, breads and even cakes and pies, it is best to start thinking about investing in a few pieces of equipment that will make your life as a home-baker much easier. 

Tabletop Proofer - When you are in the process of producing anything that contains yeast - whether it is breads or yeast donuts - you could be left waiting for quite a while for the dough to rise enough for baking or frying. Furthermore, proofing in a space without adequate humidity levels will just dry out the outer layers of the dough. A proofer is a machine that evenly disperses steam in a container that will house several trays of product. The just-right humidity level will encourage yeasty dough to rise much faster. While large-scale bakeries often have a proofer large enough to walk inside, a tabletop proofer is the next best thing as a home baker.

Commercial Stand Mixer - Between dense bread dough, cookies, and heavy buttercream frosting, the average stand mixer would have a difficult time standing up to the demands of a bakery business. A commercial-grade stand mixer is always a good investment in your business because these massive mixers have the ability to mix a large quantity of ingredients and are far more equipped to handle repeated, daily use. 

Pastry Glazing System - If you only get an occasional order for a couple dozen glazed donuts or a request once in a while for a glazed bundt cake, applying glaze the old-fashioned way by dipping will be fine. However, if you are constantly getting orders for glazed items, a good investment would be a pastry glazing system. A pastry glazer holds a reservoir of glaze that allows you to set a screen over top. You can simply pull up a long scoop from the reservoir tank that allows a thin sheet of glaze to flow through. With one sweeping motion, you can glaze an entire screen of sticky buns, rolls, or donuts without having to hand dip every last one of them. 

Contact a local restaurant equipment manufacturer, like Food Equipment Depot or a similar location, for more ideas and information.