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Food For Thought -- 5 Tips For Creating A Fantastic Wedding Food Display

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Feeding your guests at a wedding these days means so much more than just providing a choice of chicken or fish. A well-planned food display can add creativity and beauty to the reception, as well as sometimes saving you money. So, how can and your caterer liven up your mealtime? Here are 5 suggestions for any style and budget.

Food Stations. Break up the food and the lines by placing several food stations around the room. Separate food stations can house different options like a potato bar, dessert bars, wine and cheese selections or even bread and specialty butter pairings. Place a knowledgeable server at each station to help plate guests' food and suggest alcohol pairings. 

Creative Appetizers. Get creative with your appetizers instead of serving them on a simple tray. Place forks tines-up in a Styrofoam base and place cheesecake bites on the ends. Or hang teacups or open-sided small terrariums above the food station to hold appetizers like cheese or meat squares. Use boxes placed under fabric to raise different foods to different heights in any food display. Or try a unique edible container like milk and cookie shots

Vintage Furniture. Rather than using traditional tables covered with tablecloths to present your food, try some eclectic vintage furniture instead. A chic, recycled dresser, side table or end tables can provide a fun way to give any meal or appetizer selection a unique touch. Use drawers for silverware and accent with vintage lamps or a hand-painted facade. 

Meal Centerpieces. Serving the wedding meal family style is a great way to give your guests a casual, informal feeling and save money. Rather than having to fill each table with an expensive centerpiece, you can skip the extra cost and simply use a few thematic props. The tasty food and its presentation will provide the majority of the table decorations. 

Edible Decorations. Another way to freshen up your display and save money is to use fruits and vegetables as decorations themselves. Even if you don't know how to make shapes by hand with fruit and a knife, you can use cookie cutters as a pattern guide -- in just about any shape imaginable. Use skewers and different colors of fruits to create flowers, geometric shapes and even the bride and groom's initials. 

By working with your reception hall and food service provider, you can use these ideas on any level to create a more interesting and sometimes less expensive dinner display. And the result will be a reception that people will remember with relish for years to come.   

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